HRANINVEST Ltd. is a limited liability company established and registered in the second half of 2000. It is engaged in manufacture, packaging and realization of milk products such as butter, cream cheese, processed cheese, and curds on the home market.
The products manufactured are sold by all bigger store chains such as BILLA, HIT, METRO, RAMSTORE, and PICCADILLY.

The high quality and variety make the company’s products more and more in demand on the home and foreign market.

The company is distinguished for its accuracy and correctness in executing the orders.
It disposes of a specialized transport and all necessary documents required by the control authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The products are under the control of the State Veterinary and Sanitary Control Inspection.
Thirteen GMP programs have been developed and implemented within the organization.

Hraninvest Ltd tel.: 052/673021 tel./fax: 052/673238
+359 886100766